This website has no message function, so if you have anything to say, please send an email to:

I'm in China. For a non-English country, please use the following address in case you need it.

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Address: 通州区张家湾月亮湾晓镇3号楼373
City: 北京 State: 北京市
Zip Code: 10114 Tel: 86-18612634790
Country: 中国

This website has no sign-in function, either. Consequently, you can't find your ordering record here. Instead, paypal notification and our emails provide the only transaction and communication info needed for both of us. I hope you understand.

If you feel uncomfortable ordering things here, I have a shop on etsy:

Most items in this website follow a free shipping policy, except for the listing of current song strips.

To make things easier for me mostly, I didn't establish a real shopping cart function. Consequently there is basically no postage combination. If you order a lot, surely I'm open to feedback some discount after your payment. You can email me about your requests before ordering.

As for the current song strip listing, it's a little different in concern of postage. As just pieces of paper, they're light in weight, but real shipping cost may be higher than the price if you only order one or two song strips, so postage can't be ignored. In other words, this listing is for customers who need nothing else but some song strips. if you'll order a music box as well, you should have chosen a music box item for ordering instead, where you can also choose multiple song strips, with free shipping for all.

Another shortage of my site is that I didn't set amount options for ordering any items. I may improve that if you feel inconvenient without them. So at present, if you want to order a number of music boxes or some copies of one single song, you just make a number of orders, please.

I know it's a little fussy with all these details. I'm new in building my own e-commerce website. If you have any suggestions that may improve the logic or details of this site, I'll reward you with a song strip you like, or some blank strips if you need, or just offer discount if you prefer. That's for real!